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The Microbes
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Research Journal.

October 05, 2013

Volume-4 (September, 2013)

Research Articles:

1. Antimicrobial Activity of Anisomeles indica Linn. Against UTI Pathogens – N.B.Patel, K.C.Patel (Page: 01-06)  PDF

2. Correlation of Plankton Diversity and Density with PhysicoChemical Parameters in Godhavi Pond, Rural Area of Ahmedabad – N.G.Kotadiya, B.K.Jain, C.A. Acharya (Page: 07-15) PDF 

3. Comparative Pharmacognostical and Phytochemical Investigation of the leaf and stem extracts of Tecomella  undulata (SM.) Seem - M. B. Patel, R. S. Patel (Page:16-25) PDF 

4. Microbiological Studies on Diabetic Wounds - H.Vajiha Banu, P.Ayyanar (Page:26-40) PDF