January 12, 2014

Volume-6 (December, 2013)

  1. Studies on Effect of Zinc Chloride on Fish Labeo rohita  - A.I.Shah, B.M.Vyas (Page: 01 -08) PDF
  2. Taxonomy and Ethnobotany of Neem Tree Azadirachta indica A. Juss.: The Sacred Plant - A.M.Patel, K.C.Patel (Page:09-14) PDF
  3. The Sacred Grove of Kedar Mahadev Forest Area of Vatrak River: Treasure Trove of Ethnomedicinal Plants - A.M.Patel, K.C.Patel (Page: 15-22) PDF
  4. Production and Optimization of Alkaline Protease by Thermophilic Nocardiopsis MTCC 3403 - S.C.Parikh (Page: 23-35) PDF
  5. Study of Antimutagenic Activity of Oscimum sanctum Extract with Cow Urine by Ames Test – F.P.Minocheherhomji, B.M.Vyas (Page:36-42) PDF