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The Microbes
is a Peer-Reviewed
Research Journal.

Instructions to Authors

Important Steps for Authors:

  1. Email us your research manuscript at or
  2. Send us the Copyright Form/Letter of Authenticity , duly signed in , send a scanned copy (to the email addresses mentioned above) or a hard copy back to us at the mentioned address for its consideration for review and further processing.
  3. You may be notified for any minor/major edits or changes in your article (if required). If your Research Manuscript/Article meets the standards and guidelines for the quality of publication in our journal, you will be notified via email for the same.
  4. You can then pay the necessary publication charges via this Payment Page, and upon verification of your payment we will do needful to include your research article for its publication (depending on the response time from both the sides taken for review/processing/edits/changes/payment for the said article) in our next/current volume of the journal. 
  5. You will be notified via email upon successful inclusion of your article for publication in our journal.

General Guidelines for the Submission of Manuscript:

  1. Original research work carried out in the field of Microbiology and various allied sciences (such as Biotechnology, Life-Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Life Sciences, etc.) will be considered for its web publication.
  2. The author/s should provide with the original manuscript, a letter of authenticity dully signed by all the contributors/co-authors, if any.
  3. At the time of submission, the manuscript should be free from any grammatical and scientific errors. It should be emailed to for its consideration for publishing. Submission of the manuscript does not ensure that it will be published.
  4. The Research Article should be neatly typed and submitted in MS-Word format and not in pdf .
  5. The research paper should have at least 3 keywords relevant to the topic/subject area of the article.
  6. The abstract should not be more than 500 words.
  7. The Title of the Research Paper should be typed in Times New Roman, Font Size: 16 and Bold. The Sub-Titles should be of the same font but of the size 14 and bold. All the other text should have the font size 12 and Normal.
  8. Images used, if any should be only jpeg, gif or png. You should own the copyright of the image that you submit along with research article. And they should be free from any third-party copyrights, and not taken from any websites without owning its necessary rights in written. The Editor of this journal shall not be held liable for that.
  9. Figures and tables should be numbered and inserted directly into the text/article. The contributors can insert figures/images wherever applicable OR they can simply put all the images and tables at the last (before references) but they should be numbered and in a proper format.
  10. Any communication regarding the submission of manuscript along with letter of authenticity, should be forwarded to .
  11. This is an open access journal which is free to publish & search for related articles, we hereby request the authors to publish only the original content that can help the entire scientific community. We will highly recommend that every research paper should accompany with itself, the name/s, addresses, phone number/s , email id/s of corresponding author/s. It will help for better communication between the editor and the author/s.
  12. Since this is a free to publish, open-access journal for publishing your research articles, we hereby request you to do the editing of the research document as per the sample provided here. It is an easy to edit .docx document that can be simply used to copy and paste your article into. Charts, Photographs, Microscopic images (If any) should be also added like wise and be edited as per their size:ratio limits. 
  13. All the contributors must send us this Letter of Authenticity (dully filled in) to the address mentioned inside.
  14. It is mandatory to check your research articles for any possible duplications while quoting the relevant references from the web. We use professional softwares to track plagiarism, but there are many free tools available on the web such as Plagiarismdetect, Plagscan, and Plagium to check your articles for Grammar Check, duplication, plagiarism, large amounts of copied contents, etc.You are therefore requested to ensure that your manuscript is free from such copyright issues. If we find any such plagiarism issues associated with your article/s, it will be immediately removed from the site and unpublished.

-Dr. V.N.Patel
(Editorial Executive, The Microbes)